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European Workshops 2023
Philippe Vandenabeele

The Essence of Shiatsu

The Art of Communication

Course dates: 27-28 May 2023

Location: Gent, Belgium

Teacher: Philippe Vandenabeele


During this intensive workshop, we will focus on honing our practical, diagnostic, and communication skills with hands-on exercises that attendees can later apply directly to their practice.


The aim is to build confidence and proficiency in shiatsu treatment by focusing on the essential Shiatsu tools such as looking, listening, feeling, and how we can let the body reveal its way toward recovery.


We will also take ample time to learn different self-care strategies and exercises essential for a successful practice. Learning how to care for ourselves as practitioners and cultivating healthy therapeutic communication with our patients will provide us with the foundations

for a long and successful career in bodywork.


Prerequisites: minimum 150 hours of Shiatsu education

Price: 260 euro

Location: Beelbroekstraat 33 9040 Sint Amandsberg-Gent, Belgium

The Inner Practices

Nei Gong and Nei Dan

Course date: 29 May 2023

Location: Gent, Belgium


During this day, we will deepen our inner strength and stability practice and lay the foundations for Inner Alchemy. We will learn the essential Nei Gong and Nei Dan practices that are integral to our Shiatsu lineage.


Prerequisites: a minimum of 150 hors of shiatsu education

Price: 150 euro 

Location: Beelbroekstraat 33 9040 Sint Amandsberg-Gent, Belgium

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AMSTERDAM 21 May 2023 "Listening beyond symptoms"

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