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Shinzui Bodywork International Institute

Mission Statement

We aim to provide the highest possible quality of training and professional development for

our students – placing the wellbeing of our students at the heart of our practice.

We want to support our students to become knowledgeable, highly-skilled and responsible
bodywork practitioners, who are fully aware that true healing comes from within.

During the training, our students learn a wide array of techniques and strategies. Our aim is
to teach the skilful application of these techniques, enabling students to attune with their
patients’ innate self-healing capacities.

For our students to build a successful practice, and to benefit their local communities by
sharing their skills widely, we offer the best available resources. Our institute and our
teachers are all registered members of their relevant national federations, following the
ethical codes and rules of those federations.

With our ShinzuiDo Postgraduate Education Program, we aim to inspire professional practitioners to
expand their skills, to further develop their practice and to stay connected with the latest
developments in the field of bodywork.

Throughout all our programs we put great emphasis on personal development and self-care
for students and practitioners alike. We take ample time to learn and master different

self-care strategies and exercises.

We strongly believe that taking care of ourselves and fostering healthy therapeutic
boundaries provide the foundations for a long and successful career in the field of bodywork.

Shinzui Bodywork International Institute
Philippe Vandenabeele, Director
Hiroko Kobayashi, Associate Director
Peter Albrecht, Principal of The Shinzui Shiatsu School Belgium

Alice Deen, Advisory committee
Joyce Vlaarkamp, Advisory committee

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