Shinzui Bodywork therapy sessions in Fukuoka

Shinzui Bodywork Method therapy sessions are given at our practice.

Our practice is in walking distance from Nishitetsu Hirao Station.

The sessions are given by appointment only.

Therapy is given by Philippe Vandenabeele or/and Hiroko Kobayashi.

Patients are advised to wear loose, comfortable clothing and socks.

What to expect from a Shinzui Bodywork Session


Treatment Setting

We adapt to your needs and work either on a futon at floor level or on a massage table. You remain fully clothed during the session, therefore we recommend to bring loose fitting, comfortable clothing. For some of the Ampuku and Visceral Techniques we will also work directly on the skin of the belly. 

Session Format

Individual sessions with Philippe or Hiroko. We both are recognized practitioners and have long clinical experience, we have been giving thousands of treatments to people with all kind of conditions.


We also offer 4 hands sessions with both Philippe and Hiroko working together.


Both the individual and the 4 hands sessions take approximately 60 minutes.

The techniques used during the session will vary according to your present needs.

What is Shinzui Bodywork

It's a whole-body manual therapy, firmly rooted in Eastern bodywork traditions, with special focus on meridian work enriched with Western visceral, fascial and musculoskeletal bodywork.


Why choose Shinzui Bodywork

During a session our aim is to help the body, mind and spirit to regain its balance. To do so we work on the body’s meridian, musculoskeletal, fascial, cranio-sacral and visceral systems. We use gentle techniques and listen to the needs of the body to have a maximal effect on the overall wellbeing of the receiver.

Languages spoken

Philippe: English, Dutch, French and Swedish .    Hiroko: English, Japanese and French


Book a session by email or phone:


Phone: Philippe: 080-9145-0311 Hiroko: 080-7985-3318


Our address: 

5-21-72 Minamikatae
Jōnan-ku, Fukuoka, 814-0143


((Walking distance from Metro station FUKUDAIMAE )

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