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Shinzui Bodywork International Institute

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The Shinzui Bodywork International Institute is a center for East-West bodywork, based in Japan and Belgium. It was founded by Philippe Vandenabeele and Hiroko Kobayashi.

The Institute offers professional training, general bodywork classes, a postgraduate program and various other courses including individual sessions.

Shinzui Bodywork Continuing Education

Postgraduate courses for Manual Therapists in the Shinzui Bodywork Method, a whole-body manual therapy, firmly rooted in Eastern bodywork traditions, with special focus on abdominal work and meridian work, enriched with Western visceral, fascial and musculoskeletal bodywork.

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Ampuku Academy Japan

Whether you are interested in a training to become a practitioner,

or would like to attend a foundation course to improve your own health and wellbeing, the Ampuku Academy Japan has courses for you.

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Shinzui Shiatsu School Belgium

Basic and complete Shiatsu training program to become a professional Shiatsu practitioner. We are a recognized institution and follow the standards of the Belgian and European Shiatsu Federations.

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Philippe Vandenabeele Director, AOBTA®-CP, AOBTA®-CI

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From an early age, I have been fascinated by Eastern culture, lifestyles and bodywork. I first travelled through Asia in my early twenties where I came in contact with Shiatsu.


Fascinated by the positive effects on my health and my overall well-being, I started to study both Western and Eastern approaches to bodywork.


With 30 years of clinical, and teaching practice and continued study I developed my own approach to manual therapy: the Shinzui Bodywork Method.


With the aim to deepen my understanding I spend 5 years investigating and translating the Ampuku Zukai and the Anma Tebiki. Two classics that are at the core of Japanese bodywork. This culminated in my book that was published in November 2020.


My home is in Fukuoka in southern Japan, it is where I give treatments in my practice that I share with my wife Hiroko. It is also in Fukuoka that we have our school and that we welcome students from Japan and abroad.


We love to share our lifelong passion for bodywork both in our treatments and courses.

​Shiatsu training

I trained for three years at the International Shiatsu School in Belgium and Switzerland and for another four years at the Du Mai School, where I was also trained to become a teacher. Later I further studied at Shiatsu at the Iokai School in Tokyo. For many years I returned to Japan on a regular basis, studying with experienced practitioners and teachers to nourish and deepen my practice, before relocating permanently to Japan.

As a recognised Shiatsu teacher I was during 12 years the director of a Shiatsu school in Sweden, and since 2006 I am the director of the Shinzui Shiatsu School in Belgium, also travelling extensively to teach at Shiatsu and Bodywork training centers internationally.


Traditional Chinese Medicine
In parallel, for the past 20 years, I studied on a regular basis Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.


Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang
Because I love the country I regularly spent time in Thailand and received intensive training by the great masters of traditional Thai massage, including a 6 months' intensive training in 1995.

Western Manual Therapy

Being fascinated by the body and continually seeking to understand more about its workings, I love to studying anatomy and different bodywork methods. I have been trained in Craniosacral therapy, Anatomy Trains, Functional Training, Fascia therapy, Visceral Manipulation and more.

Shinzui Bodywork Method

With 30 years of clinical and teaching experience, and with the help of my teachers I have consolidated this knowledge, insights and practical experience to develop my own unique approach: the Shinzui Bodywork Method.


Qi Gong

To help me to stay fit I also practiced, studied and taught Qi Gong and I continue to give Qi Gong classes regularly. My main training I received in Thailand and at the National Medical Qigong Hospital and Training Centre in Beidaihe, China.

Hiroko Kobayashi Associate Director


Hiroko grew up in Saga, on the island of Kyushu in Japan. This is where she trained in Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology before moving to Europe where she learned Shiatsu. To deepen her understanding of Shiatsu she travelled back regularly to Japan where she studied at the Iokai School in Tokyo.

Hiroko is the invaluable assistant in Philippe’s courses, where she contributes her rich knowledge of the Japanese culture and tradition. Next to Shiatsu her great passions are Tea ceremony, Cooking and making handbags.

Peter Albrecht Principal of The Shinzui Shiatsu School Belgium, BSF/ESF-Teacher

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The journey to the essence of shiatsu is a continuous evolution in terms of training and insights, but especially of awareness and dedicated attention without judgment at any time of treatment.

Shiatsu training at Shinzu Shiatsu School:

  • base and cycle 1,2 and 3

  • various internships, workshops and two study trips to Japan

  • assistance during basic courses and cycles 1, 2 and 3

  • trainer certificate cycle 1 and cycle 2 recognized by the Belgian Shiatsu Federation (BSF)


Other courses:

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Psychology and psychopathology for paramedics



  • zazen at dojo Ghent

  • tai chi-qi kung by Lieven Vandeberghe

  • yoga with Johan De Backer

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Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

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