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On location in Fukuoka, Japan

Combine training and vacation!

We are based in Fukuoka, Japan. It's a beautiful city on the north coast of Japan’s Kyushu Island. And a perfect place to combine your Shinzui Bodywork Method training with a vacation to Japan.

Fukuoka: mixing old and new

We've fallen in love with Fukuoka! Its wonderful coastal setting, its mix of ancient temples and modern architecture, its food and culture... all in a growing, vibrant city. In a small area you'll find beaches and mountains, Japan’s oldest Zen temple, gourmet restaurants, beautiful parks, shopping and more. It's been called "a microcosm of Japan".


With it's vibe of 'East meets West', Fukuoka feels like the perfect place for our Shinzui Bodywork institute and courses!


Compared to larger cities such as Tokyo or Osaka, Fukuoka is very compact. It takes just 10 minutes to get from Fukuoka international airport to the city center.

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Shinzui Bodywork courses at the Gyoganji Buddhist Temple

Our courses are held at the Gyoganji Buddhist Temple. It's a serene and welcoming venue in a very convenient location with easy access to hotels, restaurants, transport, sightseeing and parks. (in Japanese)



There are plenty of hotels and other accommodations within walking distance of the Gyoganji Temple. 

Some popular sites to book accommodation:

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