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Tutorials and Supervision

Philippe is available for individual or small group sessions

Tutorials and supervision offer a valuable opportunity for reflection, questions, feedback and individual support.

They are available for students or practitioners wishing to deepen, empower and enrich their manual therapy practice.


They offer a time to reflect on one’s clinical practice and an opportunity to refine

and to find more clarity with all aspects of the work. 

Tutorial sessions are your time - tailored to your individual needs.


They can be focused on any aspect of clinical work and can cover topics oriented to the specific needs of the individual or of the small group.


Tutorials can be held online through Zoom or in-person at Philippe’s practice in Fukuoka, Japan

The maximum number of students is 4. 

I prefer you to come in pairs or, if alone, ask a friend to act as receiver.

Book your tutorial by contacting Philippe at info@shinzui-bodywork.com