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Shiatsu at the Saint Pierre Hospital in Brussels

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Since September 2018, the Saint Pierre hospital in Brussels has been offering free Shiatsu treatments to HIV-positive patients. This initiative was launched by CETIM, the biggest public healthcare centre in Belgium devoted to HIV-positive patients, offering social, psychological, nutritional and sexological support to over 2,500 individuals.

Our volunteers

A team of three to four Shiatsu practitioners from the Shinzui Shiatsu School volunteer at the Saint Pierre hospital every week for three hours, providing 45-minute Shiatsu treatments that take place in parallel in a big room, creating an open and familiar atmosphere. On average, 9 patients benefit from the Shiatsu treatments each week.

Many patients are returning enthusiastically every week or every second week to receive a treatment and are sharing their positive feedback with the practitioners. CETIM's doctors and psychologists have also received very positive feedback from the patients, who report, among others, better sleeping, increased overall energy, increased mind-body balance as well as reduction of stress and physical tensions.

The project is currently run as a pilot until summer 2019. In the coming months the CETIM will evaluate the results and discuss how to continue in the future.

Article contributed by Richard Polacek, a graduate from the Shiatsu Shiatsu School who helped to make this initiative at the Saint Pierre hospital in Brussels possible. Richard has his practice in Brussels where he gives professional Shiatsu treatments. For more information go to:


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