What is Shinzui Shiatsu?

Shinzui Shiatsu is a manual therapy method based on classic Japanese Shiatsu. The aim of Shinzui Shiatsu is to help the body regain and maintain health and balance through therapeutic touch.

In Shinzui Shiatsu we work with the classical inner-organ related meridians that are also used in acupuncture, the Masunaga Zen meridians and the so-called ‘extraordinary vessels’.


Interpreting the body’s biomagnetic information

Translated into modern terminology, it’s a form of vibrational medicine. The human body produces complex electrical activity. This activity creates a magnetic field and electromagnetic resonance. This is the same energetic field used in standard medical diagnostics, for example in electrocardiograms or electroencephalograms.

Shinzui Shiatsu practitioners have a deep understanding of the body’s energy signals. They interpret the body’s biomagnetic ‘information’ and work on the energy meridians and pressure points therapeutically.

Shinzui Shiatsu has shown itself effective in the treatment of a wide range of problems, from muscular and skeletal to stress-related issues.

Origin of Shinzui Shiatsu

Shiatsu means 'finger pressure'. It is a traditional Japanese manual therapy that focuses on bringing balance to the body-mind and spirit. Mainly through working on the body’s meridian systems by applying relaxed body-weight pressure and through the use of stretches.

Shiatsu is a highly refined Art of healing touch that has been described in the great classic works of oriental medicine and passed down to our modern times by a lineage of devoted manual practitioners and teachers.

Shinzui is a Japanese word meaning 'essence'. ‘Shinzui Shiatsu’ expresses our therapeutic ambition: to reach the essence – communicating with the body’s innate intelligence, reading and responding to its inner messages – through touch. This ambition lies at the heart of our practice and teaching of Shiatsu.