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Welcome to this ONLINE COURSE on the

Art of Ampuku Japanese abdominal acupressure.

This course is based on the material from the Ampuku Classics. Those Classics are the Ampuku Zukai and the Anma Tebiki both books are from the late Edo period and have laid the basis for what would later became Shiatsu and Anma.

In this course you can learn at your own pace a whole Ampuku treatment. This course will provide you with a series of videos showing all the techniques in detail. You will also have access to  detailed text content that can be downloaded as PDF’s and there are audio files that can be downloaded to your computer, telephone or tablet to study at your leisure.

This course is divided into nine chapters containing multiple lessons

(inside there are  78 lessons - 36 videos):

- In the first chapter we learn Self-Ampuku. A successful practitioner of Ampuku must first learn to treat themselves before treating others.

Later we can teach our patients Self Ampuku so they can take care of themselves between sessions in that way empowering them to contribute to their own health .

- The second chapter is about the three categories of Ampuku techniques

- In the third chapter we will look at whole-body protocols or katas. Contrary to what is often said, in Ampuku we treat the whole body. Yes, there is a special emphasis (or focus) on the abdominal work, however we learn first a whole body treatment in different positions.

- In the fourth chapter we learn the thirteen techniques from the Ampuku Zukai

-  And in Chapter five we see the seventeen Ampuku techniques from the Anma Tebiki

- In Chapter six we have a look at all the acupressure points as mentioned in the Ampuku Classics

- Then in Chapter seven we have a look at the Fukusihin (or Hara) evaluation or diagnosis taught in the Ampuku Zukai and Anma Tebiki

- in Chapter eight, we have a look at the origins of bodywork in Japan

- in Chapter nine You will be provided with an introduction on how to  integrate the traditional techniques that we have learned in modern practice.


Students who enrol receive 365 days access to all video, text and audio content. This allows you plenty of time to learn Ampuku and to get acquainted with the techniques therein.

Price: 220 Euro

Cancellation Policy: Please note that we do not offer refunds for our online courses/webinars.

Note: This course is available in an online format only; you will not receive a DVD or physical copy of the recording.

This course is now available:

course one internet through your online account.

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