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The Ampuku Visceral Therapy two-day intensive in Fukuoka, Japan, is for practitioners and advanced students that want to enrich their manual therapy practices. It aims to offer participants new practical skills and a holistic biodynamic approach to bodywork firmly rooted in Classical East Asian Medicine tradition combined with the latest developments in Western manual therapy. Much more than learning a new bodywork method, using Ampuku visceral therapy will help introduce a new integrated perspective allowing participants to further build upon what they already know.

During this workshop and intensive retreat, the participants will be given opportunities to expand their diagnostic skills while learning three-dimensional listening techniques to communicate with the body's different tissues and energetic pathways. Together with the Ampuku and Visceral techniques, this will allow participants to free the Hara simply and straightforwardly. Learning techniques that can free the body’s energetic core will help to enhance once treatment results radically. 


To further guide the participants in their treatments, the workshop will introduce how to use the Bagua, or map of the eight forces, in their manual therapy practice. Those eight forces of nature are Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water, Mountain, Lake, Thunder, and Wind. Understanding their interplay will guide the practitioner to communicate with and attune the body's different structures and appreciate their ever-changing interrelationships. One of the strengths of Classical East Asian Medicine is its understanding that it can offer to understand and read patterns of change occurring in the body's microcosm, connected with the changes happening in the macrocosm of nature.  


During the workshop and intensives, we will also address some conditions often encountered in practice ranging from insomnia to whiplash.


With over 30 years of clinical experience, Philippe Vandenabeele will share his expertise and passion for manual therapy.  

  • Shinzui Bodywork Foundation Course
    Shinzui Bodywork Foundation Course
    Fri, Oct 18
    Oct 18, 2024, 1:00 PM GMT+9 – Oct 20, 2024, 6:00 PM GMT+9
    Shinzui Bodywork International Institute, 5-21-72 Minamikatae, Jōnan-ku, 814-0143 FUKUOKA, Japan
    Learn the foundations of Shinzui Bodywork during this 3-day intensive course. This course is in the Hybrid In-Person and Virtual format. The online lessons and videos support the In-Person course and can be accessed at any time by the students. This course is open to beginners.
  • Shinzui Method - Intensive - Autumn 2024
    Shinzui Method - Intensive - Autumn 2024
    Mon, Oct 28
    Oct 28, 2024, 10:00 AM GMT+9 – Nov 02, 2024, 12:00 PM GMT+9
    Gyoganji Buddhist temple, Japan, 〒812-0028 Fukuoka, Hakata Ward, Susakimachi, 13−18 行願寺
    Postgraduate Intensive (6 days): Foundation Level: AVT 1, ACT1, ANT 1.


- Ampuku at the Heart of Shiatsu


- Touching the Tides of our Being


What we will learn in summary

  • Ampuku and Visceral techniques

  • Three-dimensional listening and body reading 

  • Communicating with body rhythms: the Visceral Yin and Yang tides of the organs, the connective tissues, the craniosacral system, and the cardiovascular system.

  • The Bagua eight forces map and how to use it in bodywork

  • How to address various conditions ranging from insomnia to whiplash


- Philippe Vandenabeele is a Senior Shiatsu practitioner and teacher based in Fukuoka, Japan.

With 30 years of clinical and teaching experience, Philippe has consolidated his knowledge, Insights, and practical experience to develop his unique approach to bodywork, firmly rooted in Eastern bodywork traditions with a special focus on abdominal and meridian work enriched with Western visceral, fascial, craniosacral, and musculoskeletal bodywork.


He is the author of “Ampuku Abdominal Acupressure: The Classics at the Heart of Japanese Bodywork” that includes the first complete English translation of the Ampuku Zukai and the chapters on Ampuku and Fukushin from the Anma Tebiki.

- Hiroko grew up in Saga, on the island of Kyushu in Japan. This is where she trained in Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology before moving to Europe where she learned Shiatsu. To deepen her understanding of Shiatsu she travelled back regularly to Japan where she studied at the Iokai School in Tokyo.

Hiroko is the invaluable assistant-teacher in Philippe’s courses, where she contributes her rich knowledge of the Japanese culture and tradition.


the course is taught in English


This course is open to practitioners and students with at least 150 hours of bodywork/manual therapy training


5-21-72 Minamikatae, Jōnan-ku,

814-0143 FUKUOKA, Japan

 Information about Fukuoka


Price of the 2 days In-Person course = 320 Euro

Included in the price are 2 days of teaching  from 13:00 until 17:30

Not included are hotel, meals and transportation.

Number of seats available

Maximum 4 participants

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Cancellation policy: in general, no refund can be given once a course has been signed up for and paid. For courses involving travel, we recommend that you take travel cancellation insurance when booking your trip.

Tutorials and Supervision

Tutorials and supervision offer a valuable opportunity for reflection, questions,

feedback and individual support.​

They are available for students or practitioners wishing to deepen, empower

and enrich their manual therapy practice.

Find out more about our Tutorials and Supervision.

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