Shinzui Bodywork Postgraduate Program
For professional manual therapists or students nearing the completion of their studies

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Ampuku Visceral Therapy


The core of the Shinzui Bodywork Postgraduate Program consists of the Ampuku Visceral Therapy intensive course.  


Asian Bodywork


In the Asian bodywork practices, the 腹 Hara (lower belly) together with the 腰 Koshi (lower back and hips) are considered to be the core and seat of our power, stability and presence. The cultivation and treatment of this powerhouse, together with maintaining a free unobstructed flow in the body’s meridian system, are seen as being of paramount importance in recovering and maintaining health and balance. In the East, over the millennia, many healing modalities developed, underpinned by this understanding and with the aims of strengthening and reawakening the intrinsic self-healing capacities of the body.

Western Manual Therapy


Western approaches to manual therapy have added many fascinating developments in recent years. A wide range of methods have emerged, based on new research and a greater understanding of the anatomy and functioning of the body, recently including a growing awareness of the role of fascia. Some of the more influential of these developments have been in the field of Osteopathy. Originally created in the late 1800s, Osteopathy has seen many evolutions and specializations, such as Craniosacral therapy, Visceral Osteopathy and Neural Manipulation. All of these modalities have demonstrated their value and efficacy.

Integrating East and West


In Ampuku Visceral Therapy we combine those Eastern and Western perspectives, resulting in a unique approach, integrating East and West.


In his 30 years of practice and study of both Eastern and Western manual therapies, it has been Philippe Vandenabeele's passion to bring those different perspectives together. In his clinical work, this has resulted in an effective and integrated approach, using a fusion of both physical and energetic ways of seeing and treating the body.


In Ampuku Visceral Therapy we learn to see the physical and the energetic anatomy not as opposites, rather as different maps that can guide us to a fuller understanding of our being.

What will you learn in this workshop?


  • Hara and Koshi - their influence on our overall health 

  • Traditional Ampuku, Shiatsu and Visceral techniques - to free the abdominal region and pelvis

  • Advanced Shiatsu techniques  - in the abdominal region, hip, lower back, buttock and legs

  • Listening to the different rhythms of the body

  • 3 dimensional listening


Autumn 2022

Ampuku Visceral Therapy Intensive

5 days: Monday until Friday

31/10 - 4/11 2022

Teacher: Philippe Vandenabeele

Location: Gyoganji Buddhist temple

13-18 Susakicho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka,

Fukuoka 812-0028, Japan

Price: 650 Euro

Registration will be possible from April 2022 onwards


Spring 2023

Ampuku Visceral Therapy Intensive
5 days: Monday until Friday

April 2023


Teacher: Philippe Vandenabeele

Location: Gyoganji Buddhist temple

13-18 Susakicho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka,

Fukuoka 812-0028, Japan

Price: 650 Euro

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