Shinzui Bodywork Institute

Center for East-West bodywork

The Institute includes bodywork schools in Japan and Belgium.


We practice and teach Shinzui Shiatsu (for aspiring bodywork practitioners) and the Shinzui Bodywork Method (postgraduate courses).



Shinzui Shiatsu School   

Complete Shiatsu training program

Professional training by experienced Shiatsu teachers.

4-day basic course, plus an advanced program in 3 cycles (including exams and treatment reports) to qualify as a professional Shinzui Shiatsu practitioner.



Shinzui Bodywork School

Postgraduate courses
for manual therapists

The Shinzui Bodywork Method is modern whole-body manual therapy with roots in traditional Eastern bodywork. 

Professionals and advanced students can  follow the training curriculum and/or take short courses on individual topics.



Coming up

in 2021-2021

Courses open for registration
  • Shiatsu basic courses

  • Shiatsu Professional Training  

  • Shinzui Bodywork Method, Spring and Autumn 2021


  • Qi gong weekly courses Fukuoka, Japan



Covid-19 Update

Currently our teaching venues are closed due to the current pandemic.

We hope to resume all our activities again later in the spring 2021.

The Shiatsu courses Cycle 2 and 3 are continuing online and by the end of January 2021 we will accept new students to join our next Ampuku online course. See more information below.  


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