• Philippe Vandenabeele

Online Course and Meeting

For the students of the Shinzui Bodywork International Institute

On Saturday the 11th of April 2020 we had our first online course and meeting.

It was a great opportunity to start to unpack the translation on Self-Ampuku from the Ampuku Zukai. We spend time to look at the concept "First calm your mind, swallow once, and steady your breathing" and how to apply this in our practice with our patients. See also the previous blog on how to empower the people who come to our practice.

The next online course and meeting will be on the 9th of May 2020. At that time we look further at the translation on Self-Ampuku and explore the points on the Stomach channel.

We will also take time to see the different groups of techniques described in the Ampuku Zukai.

More information and the links to join the meeting will be send to the students.

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