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Books in the History of Ampuku

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

An overview of books that can help us in our research to understand more about the History of Bodywork in Japan. More in particular the History of Ampuku or Abdominal Acupressure.

Recently I received a questions about what books we use to translate, research and prepare our courses. For those interested I can share here some of the books we have in our schools library in this blog:

"I must add that, due to its immediacy, instructions for this techniques are hard to put into writing and are best transmitted in person" from the 按腹図解 Ampuku Zukai by Shinzai Ota

図解按摩術 Zukai anma-jutsu “Illustrated Anma Massage Techniques” by Sorei Yanagiya

For more information about this fascinating teacher

井沢 正 Izawa Tadashi's book 按腹図解と指圧療法 a great book that is still available in Japan

The 1827 edition of the Ampuku Zukai 按腹図解 by Shinzai Ota

Later editions of the Ampuku Zukai 按腹図解 by Shinzai Ota

First edition Anma Tebiki 按摩手引 by Fujibayashi Ryohaku

Reprints of the Anma Tebiki 按摩手引 by Fujibayashi Ryohaku

Tamai Tempaku's Shiatsu Ryo Ho first edition (below) and later edition (on top)

Inaba Bunrei’s Fukushō-Kiran (Extraordinary Views of Abdominal Patterns) is considered to be the most authoritative work on abdominal diagnosis in Japan. This book distills the writings of Zhang Zhongjing into practical system of thought on abdominal diagnosis and theShang Han Lun orJin Gui Yao Lue formula which treats each abdominal pattern.

Beautiful translation by Jay Kageyama

Extraordinary Views of Abdominal Patterns: Fukushō-Kiran 腹證奇覽

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