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Workshop 'WORDS THAT TOUCH' with Nick Pole

How to make the words you say the best possible ambassadors for your shiatsu touch.


Integrating Clean Language into your Shiatsu Practice with Nick Pole

21 & 22 November 2020

in Brussels


Price: €250

avec traduction en français

If you love the silent space of pure touch that shiatsu allows you, and at the same time are fascinated by the things your clients’ words and gestures might be telling you about their Ki, this course is for you.

• Discover the mind-body connections hidden in your clients’ metaphors and movements.
• Keep the client’s space as free as possible from your own pre-suppositions, preferences, and judgements.
• Help clients work mindfully with anything that is blocking their ability to fully benefit from shiatsu.
Discover how a few simple questions can help your clients focus powerfully and precisely on the key words and images they use as they talk to you. Instead of theorizing or analysing bodily experience, the Zen-like clarity of Clean Language encourages in-the-moment exploration of that experience, helping clients to develop their own awareness of Ki and through that, to deal more effectively with symptoms and the issues that may be causing them.
Clean Language allows you to explore through metaphor and movement how mind and body communicate and how close attention to language and gesture can heighten awareness of Ki for both you and your clients. When you integrate Clean questions into your shiatsu, it helps clients to:
• Feel more like participants rather than just ‘receivers’,
• Be able to make insightful connections between their symptoms and the life issues that may be creating them,
• Develop a more friendly, mindful relationship with their own body.


Nick Pole has over 25 years experience in Shiatsu and has also studied Seiki, NLP, Clean Language and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. He is a teacher with the Shiatsu College UK and director of London Mindful Practitioners, a non-profit group for professionals who use mindfulness in their work. His book ‘Words That Touch - How to Ask Questions Your Body Can Answer’ (Singing Dragon, 2017) is a comprehensive guide to using Clean Language in bodywork therapies. See:


"Clean Language has brought out far more expression and information from my clients than I ever thought possible. I’ve been quite amazed by some of my clients, who I’ve been working on for sometimes 20 years, who’ve told me things in the last year that they’ve never expressed before."
- Cliff Andrews, International shiatsu teacher and co-founder of the Shiatsu College UK

Workshop ‘SHIATSU AND INSOMNIA’ by Mike Mandle

15 & 16 May 2021

in Brussels.
For students that finished cycle 1
Price: 250 euro.

Sleeping disorders are a huge topic. About one third of the population suffers from little to severe sleeping disorders. And around 70% of these sleeping disorders have a psychological background, making Shiatsu one of the best methods to work with them. But to really get things done, we have to learn some basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrate them in our Shiatsu.

Many sleeping disorders have their roots in a deficiency of Yin and blood. How can we identify these patterns? How can we treat them? What kind of food or herbs do we need to build up Yin and blood? What is the energetic function of sleep anyway?

During this weekend we will learn a lot of simple and efficient approaches,

that we can use not only for sleeping disorders.


- the energetic patterns of sleeping disorders

- how to diagnose those patterns correctly

- what acupuncture points should we use

- how can we support our Shiatsu sessions with nutrition and herbs.

Mike works as a full-time Shiatsu practitioner since more than 20 years. In that time he was able to work a lot in hospitals with Shiatsu and has experience with rehabilitation, children psychosomatic, elderly people, gynecology and burn out. In 2012 Mike started a burn out intensive practicum within the International Academy for Hara Shiatsu, which is part of the curriculum now.

He shares his experience in books, articles and of course in workshops all over Europe.

Mike Mandl lives in Vienna, where he breaths and enjoys Shiatsu like on the first day.

Workshop 'MOXA' with Joyce Vlaarkamp

14 Dec at 09:30 – 15 Dec at 17:00 2019

For students who finished cycle 1.
Price: €250

Joyce Vlaarkamp (1959) studied with different teachers but she preferred the Iokai Zen Shiatsu Style. She achieved her certificate in 1987. She studied Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. In 1995 she founded the ‘Zen Shiatsu Education’ in Amsterdam. In 2005 she published her book ‘Shiatsu in uitvoering’. She organised training sessions in Amsterdam, Japan and Morocco. In 2013 she completely renewed her Shiatsu after having met Masunaga Hirohiko. She is strongly connected to the Japanese Iokai style. Moxa is her favourite addition to the treatment due to its magnificent effects, and she loves teaching it because she thinks that it should not be missing in any practice.

Moxa is the burning of mugwort (Artemisia),which is known from the Chinese style in the form of a cigar. In Japan, the direct form is mainly used.  The golden Moxa, which has the size of a grain of rice, is rolled between the thumb and the forefinger, and is burned directly on the skin.  Besides the fact that it can strengthen your treatment with additional yang or the use of special points, it stimulates the immune system in such a way that it doubles the number of your white blood cells when applied regularly. This effect can be of great importance, for example with chemotherapy, to keep in good shape.

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